Why is periodic service expensive?

Why is Periodic Car Servicing So Expensive?

If you ever dreamt of owning a car and finally the day comes when you get that car. Your happiness is through the roof, right but let me tell you that it’s just half the battle won.

Then comes the maintenance part of your car. Once your car is out of the showroom it will start collecting dust & dirt, consuming fuel and whatnot. Your friends and family will start telling you how expensive servicing going to be. And, how a small scratch can put a big dent in your wallet.

But what if we told you it is all just a myth All you have to do is enjoy driving your car and DYD takes care of all your car worries.

In regular car servicing the cost of engine oil, engine oil filter, AC filter, Air filter and other labour costs can increase the overall service charge. Hence the question arises why is car servicing so expensive?

Worry no more gone are the days when you had to drive to a service center, wait hours to get your car serviced and pay heft amount. With DYD App you can book a periodic service with just a few clicks.

You get to choose a date and time as per your schedule & the best part is that your car is serviced right at your doorstep.

DYD’s fully equipped service van has it all. Generator, steam wash and branded parts so that your car can be serviced right in front of u.

Even for any major repairs like getting rid of scratches, and dents or replacement of any car part you can book a service online via the DYD App.

If you are wondering why to opt for DYD when you have your service center Well, you get new coupon codes often, discounted service prices, and special offers that you can avail on the DYD App and get your car serviced at a very affordable price.

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