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16th May, 2024

DYD App Features: Making Car Maintenance Easy and Accessible

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. DYD, a pioneering startup in Mumbai, brings at-home car services directly to your doorstep, revolutionizing the way car maintenance is handled. Our app is designed to make car care simple, efficient, and accessible. Here’s a closer look at the unique features that set...

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17th April, 2024

5 Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Attention!

Introduction: Your car is an essential component of your everyday life and more than just a mode of transportation. Cars might have problems that need to be fixed right away. Ignoring warning signs can put your safety while driving in jeopardy or result in expensive repairs. We'll cover five important...

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1st April, 2024

Essential Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

Saving money and time by doing your own car maintenance at home is possible, but it requires having the necessary tools handy. Having a set of basic tools can make car maintenance much easier, regardless of your level of skill. The essential equipment for any car owner is listed below:...

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21st March, 2024

Summer Car Care Tips!

Summer brings heat, warmth and sunshine. This poses additional challenges for your vehicle. Your car needs extra care as the temperature rises in order to keep it comfortable and cool. Here are some summer auto care essentials to maintain your car in an excellent condition : Coolant Level:Examine coolant levels...

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16th May, 2023

21 Service Checkpoints in just 60 Minutes: New-Age Car Servicing

Has car servicing always been a highly time-consuming activity for you? Well, you no more have to waste an entire day at a service center just to get your car's periodic maintenance done. Here's how you can get 21 service tasks done in just 60 minutes. To make car servicing...

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13th April, 2023

Top 5 Reasons Your Car Needs Detailing ASAP

We Indians firmly believe in the concept of DIY Do-It-Yourself. Even with our cars, we think that on alternate Sundays if we clean our car it's good to go and, to some extent it works for us. But if you want to keep your car looking brand new and clean...

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5th April, 2023

Save Money with Doorstep Car Servicing

Still stuck in a loop where you have to drive your car to a service center, drop it off for a day and then pick it back from the workshop? Imagine the hours that go into this activity and how troublesome it is for you. You might think everyone is...

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31st March, 2023

Doorstep Car Servicing Vs. Workshop Servicing

Doorstep car servicing refers to new-age car services where regular periodic services are conducted at your preferred location by a team of mechanics. This service is convenient for you if you have a busy schedule and cannot drive your car to the workshop for servicing.  On the other hand, workshop...

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27th March, 2023

Doorstep Car Servicing in Thane

Mumbai even though the financial capital has been cramped and lacks land to accommodate any more. Thane on the other hand is known for greenery, great connectivity & developing infrastructure. Thane has been growing rapidly with over 2.5 million population and 4 lakh vehicles. Another benefit of staying in Thane...

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9th March, 2023

Can ChatGPT Help You Get Your Car Serviced?

We all know that ChatGPT is the next big thing. If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, it is an AI tool that lets you get information on anything quickly.  You can ask a question like, what are the different parts of a car? How can you...

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