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DYD Doorstep Periodic service offers three different services that you can choose from Express Service, Elite Service, and Extra Mile Service.
You can choose from these depending on your need.


  • Engine Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Coolant Topup
  • Tyre Inspection
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  • Battery Inspection & Topup
  • Brake Fluid Check or Topup
  • Wiper Washer Topup
  • Drive Belt Inspection
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Extra Mile

  • Throttle Body Cleaning
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Cabin Ac Filter change
  • Carpet Cleaning
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  • 2 Sub domains
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • No License
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Unlimited Access

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What does it include ?

Periodic Maintenance includes various checkpoints to service your car. 

Here are some of the main parts that are serviced under Periodic Maintenance 

Engine Oil / Oil Filter

Engine oil and oil filter are essential for the car to function smoothly. Engine oil keeps the engine lubricated, and the oil filter cleans and keeps all the dirt away. While the engine oil is to be refilled, the oil filter needs to be replaced after a certain period.


Brakes are highly essential for you and your family’s safety. DYD periodic maintenance services the disc brake pads as well as brake fluids.


We live in a tropical climate, so even our car need some coolant to cool down. With periodic maintenance, coolants will be refilled so that you can enjoy your car drive even in the scorching heat.

Air Filter

Your car’s engine needs to have fresh dirt-free air. With the air filter regularly cleaned, the engine functions smoothly without any issue for a long time.

AC Filter

AC Filter in your car needs regular cleaning so that you and your family breathe fresh air in the car while you are on a long drive.

Fuel Filter

Another essential filter in a car is the fuel filter. This helps with fuel injector pressure that can otherwise damage the vehicle quickly.

Benefits of periodic service

DYD Periodic maintenance offers multiple benefits when it comes to cars. The Core benefit is a longer life span. We understand that car is a significant investment and to ensure your car functions smoothly for long, periodic maintenance gives your vehicle the best results.


High Performance

With regular maintenance, your car will give the best performance on the road. All the filters, fluids are either cleaned, replaced or refilled. This allows all the parts in the car to run smoothly.


Increased Efficiency

We all know that if we take care of anything, it will last longer. The same applies to our car. Regular servicing will give better mileage, drive smoothly, and increase lifespan.


Less Damage

Your car is also less likely to experience any significant breakdown or damage since all the parts are being inspected regularly.

Why & when is it needed ?

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Most important reason to always get your car serviced is to ensure safety. With periodic maintenance, you ensure that the vehicle is always in top condition making every ride a safe ride.

Avoid Breakdown

You already have a tight-schedule. You simply cannot afford your car breaking down in the middle of the road. Periodic service will ensure that nothing like this happens with you.


When booking a periodic maintenance service you are saving a huge amount of money that would have otherwise gone if the car malfunctioned or stopped working.

Better resale value

If you have maintained your car well it will automatically affect in its value as well. It will give you a better resale value in case you wish to sell off your vehicle in the future.

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We have some FAQ's
to inform you more

Our technicians only use engine oil that is recommended by car manufacturer to ensure longer life of the engine and smoother operations. We use engine oil brands like Mobil, Shell, Castrol and Veedol car oil.
No. You only pay for the service you select. All the prices are written upfront on the DYD app that you can check before placing the order.
The Express Car Service consists of a basic yet effective inspection of the car, while the Elite Car Service include a deeper inspection and a wider range of task. If your current need is a basic inspection of your car then go for Express Service but if you are heading for a long drive opt for Elite.
Definitely we will provide you with instant assistance anytime required. Write to us your issue at and our customer support will assist you.
Definitely we will provide you with instant assistance anytime required. Write to us your issue at and our customer support will assist you.
When you select the Express service it takes around 60 minutes to get the car serviced. While the Elite service usually takes 120 minutes to get your car ready. 

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