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5th April, 2023

Save Money with Doorstep Car Servicing

Still stuck in a loop where you have to drive your car to a service center, drop it off for a day and then pick it back from the workshop? Imagine the hours that go into this activity and how troublesome it is for you. You might think everyone is...

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17th March, 2023

5 Fluids to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

That heavenly feeling when we gulp down a glass of cold juice during summer is unmatched. Similarly, your car needs fluids to stay cool during summer. Does your car overheat quite often during summer? It might be because of less fluids in your vehicle. With less fluids, it can even...

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11th March, 2023

How to Maintain a Car in Indian Summer

India is famous for many things, but its scorching hit summer is definitely not one of them. In many cities, temperatures even go as high as 38-40 degrees celsius. We quickly get our pets to a cooler place and water our potted plants more often, but do we think of...

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4th March, 2023

How to Book Service on DYD App

Doorstep car servicing is a reasonably new concept, and it can be a bit difficult to understand the process. We have been going to a service center for many years to get our car serviced. But with the latest technology shift, we are getting everything to our doorstep.Clothes, groceries, makeup,...

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30th March, 2022

6 Tips to Make Your Monsoon ready Car

Monsoons in India is like 2 sides of the same coin, on one side we require the rains to replenish our water supply which is very crucial and on the other side, we are faced with floods, storms & damage caused due to landslides & tree falling.  Mentioned below are...

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24th March, 2022

Top 5 Tips to Follow To Keep Your Car Always Clean

Keeping your car clean from the inside is just as important as getting it regularly serviced. Even though when getting your vehicle periodically serviced your vehicle will be cleaned thoroughly, it is necessary that you do your part and keep the car clean from the inside at all times. If...

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4th March, 2022

5 Tips To Make Your Car Winter Ready

Winters can be tough for everyone weather its us, animals and even our car, especially if you live in a snowy region. Temperatures have dropped in most areas in our country and its time to keep your car winter ready. Now winter car care may differ for a snowing region...

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26th February, 2022

Can I Save Fuel While Commuting Daily in My Car?

YES. With a few tips and trick you can save fuel and whole lot of money while commuting daily in your car. Petrol and diesel prices has touched the roof and seems like it will only go up. It’s only fair to be worried about the fuel prices if you...

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16th February, 2022

The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist to Follow at Home

Who wouldn’t want their car to give a driving experience like its brand new even after years of use? But with daily use any car is prone to wear and tear. A true test of your car happens on Indian roads. It has dirt, puddles, pebbles and congested lanes to...

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