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Keeping your car clean seems like a hassle to you? Leave all your worries to us. Checkout
DYD Clean & Shine and DYD Complete detailing.

DYD Clean & Shine

  • Interior Vacuum Cleaning
  • Dashboard Polishing
  • Cleaning Carpets
  • Cleaning Door Trims
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DYD Complete Detailing

  • Car Shampoo Wash
  • Car Paint Protection
  • Leather Enrichment
  • Tyre Polishing
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Paint Protection Film

  • Polished look
  • Premium Quality
  • Long-lasting results
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  • 2 Sub domains
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What does it include ?

When you go for DYD car grooming be rest assured that your car will be cleaned internally and externally. Here are a few ways the car will be maintained.

Exterior steam wash

A strong steam jet machine is used to clean the car's exterior. It is entirely safe and cleans effectively. Since it is a steam wash, you don’t have to worry about wasting a ton of water while the car is being cleaned.

Interior Sanitization

With so many viruses around, it is essential to keep your car hygienic. DYD interior sanitization makes your car completely sanitized, making it safe to travel for you and your family.

Interior Enrichment

If you wish to enhance your car’s interiors, opt for an enrichment service. This service includes maintenance of the leather, removal of stains and cleaning of plastic surfaces.

Polishing & Waxing

To get a brand-new shine, your car needs polishing and waxing more frequently. It not only removes all sorts of dust and dirt but also maintains the glossy look of the car. Polishing also saves your car from minor damages that might occur on routine drives.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film acts as a layer against scratches and dents. It also protects the car from bird dropping, scratches and dents.

Enrichment and Compounding 

DYD enrichment and compounding help your car get rid of dullness. It, as the name suggests, enriches your vehicle's condition internally as well as externally.

Benefits of Car Grooming

Post car grooming you will enjoy a freshly cleaned car that smells like a brand new car.


Clean & Sanitized Car

Not only externally, but your car will be cleaned internally. Car grooming service takes care of every nook and corner of your car.


Brand New Shine

Car grooming service can get back that showroom shine on your car. Regular Car grooming will make your car look brand new for many years.


Chemical treatments for a new look

You can choose from various chemical treatments to keep your car looking good.

Why & when is it needed ?

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Dust allocation

If your car is positioned in one place, it tends to collect heaps and heaps of dust. Car grooming gets rid of dirt, dust, and stains that can make your car look messy.

Unwanted Odour

If not regularly cleaned, over time, your car will start emitting a bad odor. With car grooming, you are making sure that the car is hygienic to drive.

High Resale Value

With regular maintenance, your car is going to be in good condition for a long. If and when you choose to sell your vehicle, it will add to its benefit.

Stays Clean For A Longer Period

Compared to regular cleaning, car grooming cleaning session has long-lasting results. Your car is being cleaned with car shampoo, waxed, and polished for a great shine.

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We have some FAQ
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If your car has light scratches on the surface, with complete car detailing, they will be removed. The service will also add shine to the car making its paint looking new. The package includes shampoo wash, car paint sealant, coating with liquid hard wax, interior steam, cleaning and vacuuming and many more task to make your car shine bright.
Since in India, the level of moisture in the atmosphere is high, there is always a scope for rusting of exposed areas. Besides this, our road conditions are such that the underbody of the car is often exposed to water/mud, which is why we recommend that an anti-rust treatment be done on the underbody areas.
Sanitization is a need in today's world. To keep yourself and your family safe, we recommend sanitizing you car every six months.
Definitely. Once your car has been serviced via the DYD app you get a 3 month or 1000km guarantee on the car service provided.
If you want to keep your car looking brand new, you should go for Exterior Paint Protection. You can choose from Teflon coating, Ceramic coating and Paint Protection Film. While Teflon and Ceramic are coatings, PPF is a film that is applied to the car. Any kind of Exterior Paint Protection will protect your car from minor scratches as well as fading of the paint in the long run.
You can opt for DYD Clean & Shine and Exterior cleaning package. Each package requires 2 hours as your car will be cleaned thoroughly. The service is done at-doorstep for your convenience.