Wheel Replacement

Your car needs brand new wheels to function smoothly. But with so many brands and different wheel sizes it can be a difficult task.

What does it include ?

Top Car battery brand at your doorstep. You can choose from multiple top brands for your car.

MRF Tyre

MRF Tyres is a choice for many because of its features like rounded profile, special soft compound, advanced lean angles and much more.

Bridgestone Tyre

Bridgestone tyres have unique features like offers dry grip and wet grip on roads, quietness while driving and a durable life.

Apollo Tyre

Apollo tyres have unique technology like puncture resistance, high stability, enhanced braking performance and great grip on road.

Yokohama Tyre

Yokohama tyres are one of the top tyres available globally. They are known for its superior quality.

Ceat Tyre

Ceat Tyres is a very well-known brand that has delivered good results. They have silica-based compound and highly flexible polymers to give superior grip while driving.

Benefits of Wheel Replacement

Getting top Battery for your car will enhance its performance on the road.


Smooth performance

Once your wheels are serviced you will experience the smoothness in drive, feel less friction between road and tyre.


Increased Efficiency

We all know that if we take care of a thing, it will last longer. The same applies to our car. Regular servicing of your wheels will give better mileage, drive smoothly with increased lifespan.


Less Damage

Your car is also less likely to experience any significant breakdown or damage since all the parts are being inspected regularly.

Why & when is it needed ?

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Most important reason to always get your car serviced is to ensure safety. With wheel care, you ensure that the vehicle is always in top condition making every ride a safe ride.

Avoid Breakdown

You already have a tight-scheduled day. You simply cannot afford your car breaking down in the middle of the road. Wheel care will ensure that nothing like this happens with you.

Get Your Money’s Worth

You already have invested a lot in your car and to get the maximum value out of it you need to maintain it so that you can drive smoothly even for the years to come.

Better resale value

If you have maintained your car well it will automatically contribute to its value as well. It will give you a better resale value in case you wish to sell off your vehicle in the future.

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Engine Oil / Oil Filter

Engine oil and oil filter are essential for the car to function smoothly. Engine oil keeps the engine lubricated, and the oil filter cleans and keeps all the dirt away. While the engine oil is to be refilled, the oil filter needs to be replaced after a certain period.


Brakes are highly essential for you and your family’s safety. DYD periodic maintenance disc brake pads, as well as brake fluids.


We live in a tropical climate, so even our car needs some coolant to cool down. With periodic maintenance, your coolants will be refilled so that you can enjoy your car drive even in the scorching heat.

Air Filter

Your car’s engine needs to have fresh dirt-free air. With the air filter regularly cleaned, the engine functions smoothly without any issue for a long time.

AC Filter

AC Filter in your car needs regular cleaning so that you and your family receive fresh air in the car while you are on a long drive.

Fuel Filter

Another essential filter on a car is the Fuel filter. This helps with fuel injector pressure that can otherwise damage the vehicle quickly.

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We have some FAQ
to inform you more

Be rest assured that we only use top quality tyres for your car as recommended by the manufacturer. However you can choose from brands like MRF, Apollo, CEAT and Bridgestone tyre available on our app
You can order upto 5 car tyres per car that is being serviced.
We recommend to replace your car’s tyres every 40000km or 4 years which is as per manufacturer’s guidelines. However it also depends on the driving behaviour, maintenance of the tyre and the quality of the road frequented on.
We recommend to replace your car’s tyres every 40000km or 4 years which is as per manufacturer’s guidelines. However it also depends on the driving behaviour, maintenance of the tyre and the quality of the road frequented on.
Whilst we offer a wide range of car tyre brands to choose from, always opt for tyre size as recommended by your car manufacturer to get the best results.

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