6 Tips to Make Your Monsoon ready Car

6 Tips to Make Your Monsoon ready Car

Monsoons in India is like 2 sides of the same coin, on one side we require the rains to replenish our water supply which is very crucial and on the other side, we are faced with floods, storms & damage caused due to landslides & tree falling. 

Mentioned below are few ways in which you can keep your car monsoon ready and keep your family & yourself safe, secure & healthy.

Pre-Monsoon check-up / Service Package

All Major car service workshops conducts pre-monsoon check-ups for your vehicles which are the easiest way to identify any problem that your vehicle can face during the monsoons. These multiple points check-up enable them to solve & sort out any vehicle issues before they pose any threat and keep your vehicle ready & safe on the road at all times.

  • Tyres & Brakes

Tyres are your vehicles only point of contact with the road & are very important during the rainy season. Bald, Uneven worn-out tyres can cause accidents due to skidding & loss of traction/grip. Check all 4 tyres including the spare tyre for tread depth and maintain correct tyre pressure regularly during the rains. Brakes help your vehicle stop & a check-up of brake pads/brake discs before the monsoon will ensure you have sufficient stopping power as and when required.

  • Wipers & Windscreen Washer

Visibility is one of the most important factor during the monsoons. Most accidents in the monsoons are caused due to improper visibility & your vehicle wipers help maintain your perfect visibility at all times. 

Ensure your Wiper Blades are not hard, brittle or cracked as they can damage your windscreen. Always remember to top up and refill your windscreen washer fluid which generally protects your windscreen keeping it streak-free and clean from dirt & dust.

  • Battery / Electrical Wiring / Lights

A Battery check-up along with a top-up of battery water will keep it functioning optimally during the monsoons. Ensure all your electrical wiring is proper & any exposed wires are taped up to prevent a short circuit that can lead to a fire. All your Lights including Headlights, Fog Lamps, Tail Lights & Turn Indicator lights are working, if required replace any fused or broken bulbs before the Monsoons begin.

  • Mudflaps / Door Rubber Seals / Windows

Mudflaps & Door Rubber Seals prevent mud and road debris from getting into all the nooks & corners of your Vehicle. Ensure they are not broken or have cracks as they can allow water to enter your Vehicle. Windows must be checked so they can roll up/down easily. Keeping them clean increases visibility & prevents fogging during the rains.

  • Monsoon essentials

Keeping a bottle of water & a few snacks in your vehicle during the monsoons is essential, as we are always faced with traffic jams/snarls due to road closures/landslides/flooding etc. in India. An air freshener keeps your car smelling clean & fresh, especially aiding in odor removal from damp interiors during the Monsoon.

Having a phone charging cable is necessary during the long hours spent in your vehicle. A First-aid Kit is a must in the unforeseen event of an accident. A well-equipped tool kit with all necessary tools to keep your vehicle on the road is also very handy as it is difficult to find service centers/mechanics nearby during a breakdown.

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