Why Periodic Car Services are Important for Your Car?

If you are wondering does your car really need periodic car service so often? Then you have landed on the right page. Every car requires regular maintenance to function smoothly and so periodic service has been curated to inspect all the important car parts.

Opting for periodic service can save a lot of your money that otherwise goes into for repairing the car caused due to any accident or negligent. This article will guide you through what periodic car service is and what it includes.

What is Periodic Service?

When you go for periodic services there are about 8-9 services that gets covered. It includes inspection of engine oil, cabin air filter, engine oil filter, oil filter, fuel filter, coolant, spark plug, brake pads, brake disc, tyre rotation and wheel balancing and alignment.

Daily usage of the car is going to cause wear and tear to the car. Even if you think everything is all right with the car, there can be major issues waiting for happening. The main purpose of the periodic car repair service is to regularly inspect the car so it runs smoothly.

Periodic car service is scheduled in every few months by professional cars service centers to avoid any major repair cost.

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Benefits of Periodic Service


Top most feature of the periodic car services is that it ensures safety. All the parts are inspected thoroughly that allows you to drive your vehicle worry-free.

Enhances car performance

Since all the car components are being tested often there is no risk of any part getting jammed. Periodic car service ensures that the car is being used to its full capacity. This enhances the car’s overall performance.

Improves car’s lifespan

With regular periodic car service your car stays in top condition. This improves the overall health of the car and enhances the car’s lifespan as well. It also gives you a stress-free driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency

Your car will give the best mileage if it has been recently serviced. With periodic service your engine oil is also being replaced occasionally, this helps in using the fuel effectively and saving money as well.

Better Resale value

All the components of your car both internally and external is examined thoroughly. Even after years of use, with regular maintenance a car can stay in its top condition. While re-selling the car you can show that the car has been well-maintained over the years.

Low Pollution

A vehicle that has not been serviced over a long time can release harmful gas. Your car anyway releases some amount of carbon dioxide while driving but if not serviced it can contribute to the air pollution which is harming our environment.

We highly recommend you to opt for scheduled periodic car service to get all your money worth that you have invested in the car.

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