What to Do When You Find a Scratch on Your Car?

Scratches on your car can be caused by many reasons. Driving through a congested lane, rubbing against another car; driving through a road full of rock and debris, and even due to harsh cleaning sessions.

Somethings are out of our hand, and scratches on our car caused by others are one of them. But you can get rid of them easily to make your car look brand new again. The scratches on your car are of different levels and it is necessary to identify them before moving forward with the scratch removal process.

To know what kind of service to opt for when a scratch is observed, we have listed different type of scratch.

Different types of scratches:

To make it easy to understand scratches on a car are divided into 3 sections

1. Clear Coat Scratch

This scratch is on the outermost layer of the car’s surface. These types of scratches do not cause the removal of the paint of the car. It simply causes the light to reflect more, causing it to be more visible. Removal of the clear coat scratch is quite easy and affordable.

This can be caused due to many reasons like rain, sun, rubbing, other vehicles, and much more. In order to remove such scratches from the car, you can try scratch-removing polishes as well as washing it with soap water.

If this doesn’t work then opt for professional denting and painting car service to make your car look flawless.

2. Colour Coat Scratches

Scratches that go deeper than clear coat are called color coat scratches. Here the scratch has removed some paint off the car. When compared to clear coat scratch, this is more difficult to repair and time consuming as well.

Which is why we don’t advise you to repair it yourself. Always go for car painting and denting service to remove colour coat scratches.

3. Primer Scratches

If a scratch has reached the primer coat, then it’s called a primer scratch. This type of scratch reaches the deepest and causes the maximum damage to the car.

Many a times, if there is a major primer scratch, it can cause permanent damage to the car. For example, if the scratch has left the bare metal exposed, it can lead to corrosion. Especially in India where the salt formation is faster, this can lead to faster corrosion. Once the corrosion process has started it will slowly eat through body panel and damage the car completely.

This can only be handled by a professional as all the coats of clear, paint and primer have been removed and needs thorough inspection and re-application of the paint.

It is highly necessary to inspect your complete car for scratches from time-to-time. Scratches that are inspected earlier can be repaired easily. If and when you notice a scratch, instead of panicking call for car services from your phone for instant solution.

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