What is Connected Tech? Is it the Future?

Connected Tech, also known as Connected Vehicle Technology, is the future of transportation. Everyone from automobile manufacturer’s software giants to telecom and consumer electric companies has jumped on the bandwagon of connected vehicle technology. 

Major factors turning this concept into reality include 4G LTE & emerging 5G Networks. They provide a base platform for all future connected vehicles. The scenario of having multiple vehicles interact with each other while coordinating with road infrastructures like traffic signals and fuel pumps, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, etc., is no more a distant dream.

Connected Tech also offers value to car owners. They help in providing a variety of in-car content & services, advanced navigation, real-time vehicle service updates, decreased fuel cost with increased efficiency.

In-Car Content & Services

Connected Cars take infotainment to a whole new level by delivering popular content to the vehicle. Today, car infotainment is mostly confined to FM Radio & Bluetooth connectivity.

With the availability of high-speed 4G LTE & future-ready 5G Networks, popular streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Last.FM & Amazon music will be available for everyday use giving consumers a huge digital online streaming content.

Apple and Google, the 2 biggest tech giants, compete to become the brain behind in-car infotainment & connected car technology. Car owners & passengers can now use familiar voice-activated technologies such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa & Microsoft’s Cortana to interact with their In-Car Infotainment System. 

Advanced Navigation

While most modern vehicles today are equipped with GPS-based navigation systems, Connected Car Tech will include smart navigation features integrated with location-based services. With such advanced navigation technology, your vehicle can direct you to stop at the next fuel pump based on the current fuel levels. It can find the distance to the nearest refilling fuel pump and automatically set the destination on your vehicle navigation system.

Fuel and Cost Efficiency

Connected vehicle technology allows the driver to reach a destination quickly, safely, and in a cost-efficient manner. By tracking regular driving patterns, Connected Cars can gauge the wear and tear, fuel efficiency parameters & vehicle service-based requirements. This information can be used for the regular maintenance of the car.

While the future may be unknown but connected tech for your vehicle is not. Hopefully, this article helped you stay ahead of the curve in trending car accessories.

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