Top Summer Hacks for Your Car

Indian summers are known for mangoes, ice cream candy bars, and piercing sun rays. While we all are in the house enjoying the cool air from air conditioners, our car stands under the sun. The harsh sun can cause damage to our vehicle too.

We have provided a few summer hacks for your car that you can use every summer to keep your vehicle in top condition. These hacks are highly applicable for a place that usually experience high humidity level. 

Top Hacks to Follow this Summer:

Always Park in Shade

When you park your car directly under the sun, it can lead to fading of the paint. If this is happening more often, then the paint can look uneven, making the car look older than it is.

Always try to park your car under some shade every time possible. This will keep the steering wheel, car seats, belt buckles from getting hot.

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Cooling a hot car

If you had parked the car under the sun and after a few hours you notice your car now is super-hot, do not start driving it right away. 

Start by opening the windows of all doors. This will let out all the hot air outside, making the car less hot.

Using Sun Shades

If the place you park does not have any natural shade like a tree or a dedicated parking lot, use sunshades or visors. These shades can be used on all windows to prevent the interiors from getting extremely hot. 

Such shade comes with a vacuum hook to stick to the windows correctly. You can easily find such visors online.

Check your tyres

Before heading out in summer, always make sure to check your tyres. Since the roads are super hot, it can increase the wear and tear of the tire. To avoid tire blowouts and punctures also, check the tyre’s conditions.

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