Top 5 Benefits of Car Detailing

Detailing is the art of cleaning & restoring a vehicle to a showroom-like-new condition. It is a thorough & labor-intensive job that requires a lot of skill & know-how to get a meticulous job done. Your car reflects your personality & keeping it detailed & clean is an important aspect. In short, detailing is about getting the best look for your vehicle’s paintwork & other surfaces.

If you are thinking of getting a car detailing service, check out its benefits below.

Types of Detailing

  • Exterior

Exterior Car Detailing includes cleaning, polishing & protecting the exterior surfaces of a car like paint bodywork, windows, tyres, rims, chrome trims, etc. Services range from Basic Car wash & wax to Complete Detailing. 

It comprises Paint Correction, Headlight/Taillight Restoration, Wheel/Tyre Cleaning, Engine Bay Cleaning & Detailing. It also includes the final treatment, which consists of Ceramic/Nano Coatings.

  • Interior

Interior Detailing includes cleaning, polishing & protecting the interior surfaces of a car like seats (fabric/leather), floor carpets, door panels, dashboard, roof liner, etc. You can choose from a service range that includes essential interior Vacuuming to Deep Cleaning. 

It comprises Seat restoration, AC Vent Cleaning & Sanitization, Steam Cleaning of Floor Mats/Carpets, and Conditioning & Dressing of all Door Panels & Dashboard. It covers various surfaces, including leather, fabric, vinyl, metal, chrome, plastic, & carbon fiber.

Benefits of Detailing

The Benefits of Detailing include:-

  • Prevention of wear & tear.
  • Retaining Vehicle value.
  • Protects the Vehicle interior & exterior.
  • It helps in Stain Removal, Odour Removal & prevents the build-up of dirt & dust.
  • Enhances vehicle performance & extends the lifespan of the Vehicle.

Detailing services are offered with various packages for both the interior & exterior of your vehicle. These services are necessary as they keep your vehicle in showroom-like new condition. You can even opt for an at-home service that can offer complete car detailing service at your premises.

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