Teflon or ceramic coating: Which one is better?

What if we told you that your precious car could get its original shine back even after years of use? With Teflon or Ceramic coating, your vehicle can shine like it’s brand new. Even if you are cleaning your car every day, it can only remove dust and dirt. If car denting & painting looks a hassle to you, try out these alternatives for your car.

Car services like Teflon or ceramic coating on your car not only add shine but also make the car paint more durable. This blog is about whether you should go for Teflon or Ceramic coating for your car.

Teflon Coating:

Teflon coating, also known as Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, is a chemical. Teflon acts as a protective layer and adds shine to the paint coat. It also helps fight corrosion to reduce daily wear and tear.

When you go for the Teflon coating, your car is washed thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt from the surface. The vehicle is then dried completely, and a Teflon coat is applied all over the car. 

Once the coat has dried, it is polished with a buffing machine to get a glossy look. The Teflon coating process takes about 30 minutes to finish and gives you a brand-new-looking car.

Teflon coating has great advantages; apart from giving an attractive shine, it also repairs minor scratches on the surface.

The only disadvantage of Teflon coating is that even though it gives instant shine, it is not permanent.

Ceramic Coating:

Ceramic coating refers to a liquid polymer clear coat. Ceramic coat bonds to the molecular level, adding a hydrophobic layer to the paint surface. Apart from a glossy shine, this layer also acts as a protective barrier that keeps the dirt, dust, and grime away. 

Nanotechnology is used in ceramic coating to create a second layer. The particles in this layer are so small in size that it covers the space between paint molecules. This process is why your car stays safe from water damage, oxidation, and even corrosion.

One of the major advantages of choosing ceramic coating is that it can even last a lifetime and serve your car well if applied properly.

Final decision:

Teflon coating, as mentioned above, lasts only a few months, while ceramic coating lasts a few years. Teflon coating works great on a few rust and scratches, while ceramic coating works wonders on rust, scratches, UV, and oxidation. It also helps to keep small scratches away.

If cost concerns you, then one session of Teflon coating is cheaper than one session of ceramic coating. 

We suggest using ceramic coating for your car since it offers value-for-money service. 

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