Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Car Filters

There are multiple filters in the car that contribute to a smooth driving experience. These filters require frequent cleaning or replacement. Your car can stay brand new only for a few months; after that, it needs regular maintenance for a longer lifespan. If you wonder what filters are present in the car, then go through the article to know it all in detail.

Different Types of Car Filters

Oil Filter:
The oil in the engine travels a lot inside the car. This can lead to the oil getting contaminated frequently. The oil filter cleans all the contamination to provide the engine with clean oil. Using a clean oil filter gives you better mileage and extended engine life.

Air Filter:
The purpose of the air filter in your car is to filter out any dust or dirt from entering the engine. The clean air offered by the air filter to the car engine helps the engine function smoothly. This is why the car air filter needs to be replaced after traveling 20000 km or more.

Car Cabin Filter:
This particular air filter ensures that the passengers breathe clean air. It is located behind the glove box hence named cabin air filter. It is part of the ventilation system that processes the air to filter out pollen, dust, and dirt and give out clean air while traveling.

You can either clean the cabin filter or replace it from time to time to get fresh, breathable air during periodic maintenance.

Fuel Filter:
Even though the fuel is usually clean, it can collect dust and dirt and so a fuel filter is situated especially to clean out the power. A fuel filter for a petrol engine and a diesel engine is different.

A fuel filter also prevents corrosion by avoiding water built-up, essential for a smooth functioning engine.
Always opt for professional help when you wish to clean or replace any of the above car filters mentioned above.

We highly recommend going for periodic services, which will regularly check these filters along with other components to keep your car functioning smoothly.

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