Is Switching To CNG a Good Idea?

With ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel, it’s only obvious that many are installing a CNG kit. Converting your car into a CNG model can definitely help you save a huge amount of money, but there are many factors that needs to be taken into consideration before making this car altering decision.

This blog will help you decide whether you should go ahead and switch to a CNG model. This article discusses factors keeping in mind both situation such as buying a new CNG car model or converting your current car into a CNG car.

Factors to Consider before choosing CNG:


Many car models do not accept any kind of fuel customization. Make sure to confirm if your car can be converted to a CNG model. Especially if you own an older model car you need to be 100% sure if it can be switched to CNG.

Most petrol cars are authorised to convert to CNG but the diesel cars are not authorised. For safety concerns make sure to check if your vehicle falls under CNG approved list.


Before installing a CNG kit make sure to research if the nearby fuel pumps have a CNG sections as well. When compared to petrol and diesel, CNG is fairly new and its availability can be a concern.

If your locality has a very few CNG gas station you might have to face long queues as well. Having a gas station nearby is highly convenient in the times of emergency.


Even though having CNG kit can help you save good amount of money while refilling, it does affect the performance of the car. If you are someone who enjoys owing a car with a powerful engine with great performance on the road, then CNG is not for you.  

When compared to petrol and diesel, CNG does not offer a good throttle. While other fuels also act as a lubricant the CNG does not, so this also leads to more servicing of the car as less lubrication can lead to faster corrosion of the parts.


Compared to petrol and diesel cars, a CNG car owner will have to pay more for its insurance. This is because a CNG car requires a lot of maintenance that too often. The CNG kit itself is expensive which adds about 4-5% to the premium you pay.

If you are contemplating whether to invest in a CNG car or to install a CNG kit in your car keep the above factors in mind. It is always a good idea to get professional help before making a car-altering decision.

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