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Is it Bad to Keep Your Car Idle for a Long Time?

Many a time, when we go out on vacation, our car stays idle for as long as 15 days. If your car stays idle quite often, it’s a matter of concern. You might think your car is brand new, and a few days of not using it can’t hurt much.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it hurts both a new and a used car. When a car is not being used from time-to-time many parts in it can get jammed. 

Even if you are up-to-date with your regular periodic services, If kept idle for a very long time, it can lead to some damage. Here we have discussed how keeping your car idle can cause problems and some solutions to avoid the damage.

Few Major Damages Caused 


One of the major car damage happens to the battery. The terminals always stay connected to the battery, whether it’s being used or not. This leads to some leakage, which can drain the whole battery over time.

If you are aware of the fact that your car is going to stay idle for some days, disconnect the battery. It will improve its health.


After battery tyres are badly affected, the tyres will start having flat spots if the car is not being used frequently. A flat spot is referred to as a worn-out section of the tyre. Although this is temporary, and once the car is used regularly, they tend to gain its original size, it is not good in the long run.

If your day-to-day activity does not require car use, start the engine once a week and move the car front and back to optimize overall health.


If you have parked with the handbrake on and it has stayed the same for a long time, it tends to get damaged. The brakes will get jammed because of the rust and can also damage the pads and the disc. To avoid any major damage to the brake, go for a drive at least once a week so that all the parts are heated up.

Dirt and grime

When any vehicle is stationed at a single spot, long dirt, dust, bird droppings, and branches from the trees can get stuck. 

Whether you take your car out for a drive, cleaning is a must. We recommend daily cleaning to keep the car shining like new.

Hope this article helped you in someway in keeping your car in top condition. 

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