Worn Out Rubber Tyres Useful or Harmful?

Driving a car on an empty street late at night, sounds like a perfect stress-busting activity. But it is highly necessary to keep your car well maintained, especially the tyres. Even though the tyres look rough and tough, regular care and maintenance is still required.

If you are driving with worn-out tyres it can lead to series of unfortunate events. Whether it’s a dry surface or a wet surface worn-out tyres are not safe on any. If you are not changing your tyres when required, this article will inform you about the dangers of driving with worn-out wheels.

Regular wheel care might sound like a tedious activity but it is necessary for your safety. Worn out tyres directly affects your ability to make an instant brake. This is highly dangerous especially when driving on snow, rain or even bumpy unconstructed road where you need to make a brake at any moment.

worn out rubber tires useful or harmful?
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If your tyres are worn out they won’t be able to gain any traction over snow covered roads. This could lead to the vehicle losing control. They can also be easily punctured compared to a new tyre. Again repairing the puncture can be an addition cost you might have to pay.

One of the biggest issue with worn out tyres are that the vehicle will most likely hydroplane with low tread tires. Hydroplaning occurs when water gets between the tire and the road. As time passes by, the tread wears off the tyre and the grooves on it become shallower. This makes the tyre less effective in throwing the water away from the tyre.

Check out wheel care service for your car model.

Your worn out tyres will also lose air pressure frequently. This indirectly affects the fuel consumption, brake as well as the steering wheel. Less air pressure can lead to tyre blowout, which in turn causes you to lose control over the vehicle. Tyres play an important role in driving a car safely. We highly recommend to perform periodic car servicing of your car that includes inspection of the tyres as well.

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