Benefits of door-step car servicing.

Top 5 Reasons to Opt For Doorstep Car Repair Services

Modern problems call for modern solutions. This is the reason why now you have an option called door-step car servicing. Long gone are the days when you had to call a service center to book an appointment for servicing according to their availability, wasting your time and effort.

In this era of ordering things online, you can even order a car service online. No more hassle of calling; simply book an appointment through an app without any human intervention.

If you ask yourself, “how does this doorstep car service work’? Then this article is for you.

Here are 5 reasons to go for doorstep servicing:

Service at your doorstep. Quite literally!

You don’t even have to go midway. When you opt for doorstep car servicing, the servicing actually takes place at your door. This saves your time and allows you to be present while servicing takes place. 

You can ensure that only original parts are used, and that no damage is caused to the car. If in case your car is not functioning properly, door-step car servicing is a safe solution as you don’t have to drive your car and risk your life.

Track your service

Booking your car service online has multiple benefits. One major one is that you can track the whole process online. You can view the appointment date, selected service, things included in the service, and final billing. 

Less calling, more convenience

Most people prefer a text over any call. And, if you fall under the same category, then doorstep car servicing is made for you. Since all the activities are happening on the app, the need to call and confirm gets eliminated.

Custom Service range

You can have access to all the information related to the services available. Since it is online, you can even opt for custom service. Instead of selecting a quick service that includes changing the oil and air filter, coolant and battery water top-up, steam wash and vacuum cleaning, you can make a custom service by selecting only steam wash and vacuum cleaning. 

Saves Time

The main aim of doorstep car service is to save customers time and effort. In today’s fast-paced life, it is quite difficult to spare even a few minutes, let alone hours, to drive to a service centre. Are you unsure how and where to book a door-step car servicing? Try DYD App and you can have your car serviced at your convenience hassle-free.

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