Are Petrol Cars better than Diesel?

Wondering if you should head towards a petrol car or a diesel car? This article here is to prove the myth if the petrol cars are actually better than a diesel one. We have listed a number of factors stating the superiority of petrol over diesel to help you make the right choice.

The Fuel Price difference is at its lowest between Petrol & Diesel

The fuel price gap between Petrol & Diesel has drastically reduced to less than 10%. The Government of India has decreased the subsidy on diesel fuel in the country which led to increase in Diesel fuel prices.

This has changed the entire equation & calculation of the customer’s thought process while purchasing more expensive diesel variants of the same car. Currently, the price gap is under Rs.10 between the 2 fuels in almost all major towns & cities across the country.

Diesel Cars are not environment friendly

Diesel Cars emit high levels of nitrogen oxide & particulate pollutants in comparison to Petrol Cars which are not good for the environment. With BS6 Emission Norms, Petrol Cars have become cleaner & greener and will have a lower impact on pollution levels.

Major car manufacturers have been held guilty for using software to alter emission levels due to stringent emission norms & regulations worldwide. Petrol Cars still hold the edge as particulate matter (PM 2.5 Levels) emitted is lower in comparison to their Diesel variants.

Diesel Cars are more expensive to maintain

All Cars require regular periodic servicing and maintenance. Diesel Cars are more efficient due to multiple reasons like higher compression ratios & lower engine RPM’s, however, their basic servicing costs are higher as compared to their Petrol counterparts.

Check diesel variant’s periodic maintenance price here.

In the event of a major mechanical failure, the cost of an engine rebuild for a diesel car is much higher than a petrol car. The overall cost for spares for Diesel cars is more expensive if compared to their Petrol variants.

Companies have stopped selling Diesel Cars in India

Major manufacturers in India have withdrawn their diesel variants from their portfolio due to the recently introduced BS6 Norms. Car manufacturers have worked out higher costs for research & development for BS6 Diesel engines. The mandatory requirements of particulate filters & traps it has resulted in increased costs of BS6 compliant diesel cars. This has reduced their profits on diesel car sales for their dealers across India.

Ban on Diesel Cars older than 10 years

India’s national capital Delhi has banned all diesel vehicles that are older than 10 years as they increase pollution levels inside the city, this, in turn, has decreased the resale value for diesel cars. New changes have been made to the latest draft notification of India’s vehicle scrappage policy. Now, a customer can benefit from a 25% Road Tax Concession on their next car. This has also affected diesel car sales as most customers are now driven towards purchasing Petrol Vehicles.

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