5 Vehicle Mods that are Effective

Performance Modifications are changes made to a stock vehicle to alter its performance. They are generally made to boost the car’s power, handling, and fuel efficiency. Modifications for the exhaust system, air filter, suspension, tyres, etc., fall under this category. You can also do car interior modifications to change the look and feel of the vehicle. But below listed modifications are specifically to improve your car’s efficiency.


An aftermarket exhaust system provides a quicker, more efficient route for the exhaust gas from your engine to escape. It results in a smoother and free-revving engine, better mid and high-end power through the rev range, and a crisper exhaust note. A well-designed exhaust system will add a slight boost in horsepower. Performance Exhaust systems are available from companies like Remus, MagnaFlow, Borla, Novitec, Akrapovic, Flowmaster, HKS, Milltek Sport, etc.

Single Exit, Dual Exit, Opposite Dual Exhaust are some of the exhaust variants available. These Exhaust systems can be header-back, cat-back or axle-back.

Performance Air Filter / Intake systems

Performance Air Filter / Intake systems provide more air. This easy breathability allows cooler air to be sucked into the engine for combustion. It translates into more power, allowing the machine to function optimally.

An Air Filter / Intake system enhances fuel economy, increases engine life, lowers emissions, and boosts acceleration. Air Filter / Intake systems are available from companies like K&N, BMC, Pipercross, Green, etc.


 Suspension upgrades can come in many different components. They include coil springs, shock absorbers, struts, linkages, joints & bushings. They aim to reduce ride height, provide better ride quality and increase stability by lowering the center of gravity. Suspension is available from companies like Cobra, KW Suspensions, Bilstein, KONI, Eibach, Tein, D2 Racing, etc.


Tyres are the only point of contact with the road. Improved performance dynamics, better traction, decreased road noise & a comfortable ride are some advantages of a Tyre upgrade. Tyres are available from manufacturers like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Yokohama, JK, Apollo, MRF, Goodyear, Bridgestone, etc.

Vehicle ECU Remap

A vehicle remap default software on the ECU. The ECU is overwritten with new software programmed to optimize the vehicle’s overall performance. This is known as Vehicle remapping because the ECU essentially consists of a program that controls how the engine works.

ECU Remaps are available from Superchips, APR, Pete’s, Quantum Tuning, Code6 Tuning, Racetech India, RACEdynamics, etc.

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