4 Things to Avoid While Driving An Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Automatic transmission vehicles give drivers an easy driving experience, especially in the city traffic and other urban scenarios. In comparison, manual transmission vehicles require more driver effort & concentration for a smooth, hassle-free drive.

Nowadays, most vehicle manufacturers provide customers with multiple transmission options based on the requirement. Features, accessories & connected tech remains the same; only the transmission differs between these variants. 

If you own a vehicle with an automatic transmission, avoid these driving mistakes while driving your car next time.

1. Not using the Emergency Brake

If you park on slopes – uphill or downhill, you should always use the emergency brake. A parking pawl is just a pin that locks up the transmission’s shaft stopping the wheels from rotating. On slopes, there is a possibility that the parking pawl can break. Hence it is advised to use the Emergency Brake.

2. Leaving the Vehicle in Drive Mode when sitting for a long time

People leave the vehicle in Drive Mode when they sit inside for a long time. Keeping the vehicle in Drive Mode when you’re not actively driving can result in engine overheating.

An overheated engine can cause many problems, from the cylinder head to the seals and gaskets. It sometimes results in permanent damage, which could require an engine overhaul.

This damage involves expensive costs to restore & rebuild an engine. At the same time, it is advised not to continuously move from Drive to Neutral Mode at any given instance. This can wear out the gearbox quickly, resulting in huge engine repair/work costs.

3. Putting your Vehicle in Neutral Mode while Driving Downhill

People often put the vehicle in neutral mode while driving downhill, thinking they can save on fuel. Driving in neutral mode while going downhill minimizes your control over the vehicle’s speed and movement.

It can cause an accident as your safety is compromised while driving. It is advised to use only the drive mode as it gives you complete control of your Vehicle.

4. Shifting into Park While Driving or Shifting from Reverse to Drive Mode without stopping

Quite often, people engage Park Mode while driving or before the vehicle comes to a complete halt. Don’t ever do this, even while crawling or moving at low speed. Doing so can damage the break or the locking pin. This eventually causes gearbox damage, resulting in expensive maintenance costs in the long run. It is advised to always stop the vehicle first before putting it into park mode.

Some people never stop before switching from Reverse to Drive Mode. Doing so puts extensive pressure on your vehicle transmission & can end up locking gears causing damage to the entire transmission.

These few tips can prevent damage to your vehicle. It will provide a hassle-free ownership experience for your Automatic Transmission Vehicle. These vehicles require regular servicing & maintenance to prevent engine wear & tear.

These are a few tips and tricks that you can follow while driving next time. Apart from this we highly recommend getting your automatic car serviced regularly to avoid any issue.

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