DYD Car Services at Home

21 Service Checkpoints in just 60 Minutes: New-Age Car Servicing

Has car servicing always been a highly time-consuming activity for you? Well, you no more have to waste an entire day at a service center just to get your car’s periodic maintenance done. Here’s how you can get 21 service tasks done in just 60 minutes.

To make car servicing simpler, faster and completely hassle-free DYD offers car services at home. Periodic servicing is something your car needs quite frequently and for that, you might be travelling to workshops often. To eliminate such unnecessary trips you can try DYD’s periodic servicing at home.

If you are someone who is constantly on the move and barely got time, you must opt for DYD’s Express Periodic Car Service. With 21 service tasks that include:
Coolant Top Up

Steam Wash / Dry Wash

Interior Vacuuming (Carpet & Seats)

Engine Oil Change

Engine Oil Filter Change

Brake Fluid Check or Top Up

Water Sediment Inspection

Drive Belts Inspection

Cooling & Heating System Check

Spark Plugs or Glow Plugs Inspection

Battery Inspection & Top Up

Wiper Blades Check

Wiper Fluid Change / Top Up

All Lights Interior & Exterior Check

Brake & Clutch Pedal and Hand Parking Inspection

Tyres Inspection

AC Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Cleaning
You can expect your car to run smoothly for months to come. Since the whole process is at your home right in front of you, you can experience the whole car servicing.

This is a great option if you have sudden plans and you wish to get your car serviced on an urgent basis.

DYD car services at home App allows you to book a service anytime on any date at your convenience. Download the DYD App now and experience new-age car servicing yourself.

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