10 Must Have Car Features in 2022

Gone are the days when only luxury cars had all the great features. With such tough competition, car manufacturers are providing maximum comfort to their customers that too at an affordable price.

If you are purchasing your first ever car, there are a few features that you should look out for before making the final purchase. All these features will not only give you a comfortable driving experience but also provide the needed safety to you and your family.

Top 10 Car Features

Reverse Sensing System

Many cars are not equipped with Reverse Sensing System. This system is designed to alert you if there is an obstacle while reversing the car. The car has sensors that gives out ultrasonic radio wave that bounce back, giving out beaming sounds to alert the driver.

This feature is very useful in situations where you have to reverse park in a very small lane that is full of other vehicles.

Bluetooth Audio System

A Bluetooth audio system is a must in today’s world. No long drive is complete without music. Many cars are now equipped with Android Auto and Apple Car play. With Bluetooth audio system you can connect navigation and listen to navigation safely while driving.

Central lock

With central locking system the driver get additional control over each door’s lock. This features comes in handy especially if you are traveling with small kids. This is a must-have safety feature you need to look out for.


Airbags is the biggest safety feature that you need to make sure that the car you purchase has one. Most cars are equipped with 2 air bags but recently a new rule has passed which states that the vehicle needs to have 6 airbags for the safety of all the passenger.

Powered Windows

Initially the cars would have manual windows that required physical strength to push/pull it up and down. Only luxury car used to have powered windows that would function with just one click.

But with advancement in technology almost all the car now have powered windows. The driver can lock the control of all the windows for safety while driving.

Defogging system

The defogging system helps in getting rid of any fog and mist from the window.  This comes in handy when its rainy season as fog tends to build up on the mirrors.  Many cars are equipped with defogger on front as well as on the rear window for a clear view while driving.

Ant-lock braking system

Anti-lock braking system or ABS prevents the wheels from locking up in case of an emergency brake. Using this you can steer the car and move away from the harm’s way even if you giving a hard brake.

Power outlet

We spend most of our time either working or traveling. Which is why it is necessary that your car has power outlets to charge all your electronics. You can simply plugging your charging cable and connect the other end to the cell phone. Many of the newer car models are also offering wireless charging.

Keyless entry

This feature is fairly new and won’t be easily available. If you are a tech savvy then this car feature is for you. With a keyless entry you can enter your car without using any physical keys.

Built-in navigation

Look for car touch screen that has built-in navigation. This eliminates the need to hang cell phone holder and using Google maps to get the right direction. Built-in navigator removes the danger of driving and going through cell phone for maps.

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