The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist to Follow at Home

Who wouldn’t want their car to give a driving experience like its brand new even after years of use? But with daily use any car is prone to wear and tear. A true test of your car happens on Indian roads. It has dirt, puddles, pebbles and congested lanes to drive through.

Investing in a car is a big process but maintaining one is even a bigger and a tedious process. For any first timer it can be a daunting task and so we are here to help you. Apart from regular car servicing carried out by professionals there are a few things you can check by yourself to stay alert.

This article lets you know about the things you need to check in your car daily. Below is a list of things you can follow to ensure your car’s health and detect any issues early.

Basic Car Maintenance Checklist You Can follow At Home:


Starting with the most basic tip, examine the tyre’s condition. Look out for stones, nails or anything stuck to the tyre. Look for any signs of damage on the tyre such as bumps, bulge’s or cracks.

Visual inspection of your tyres should be done daily and pressure checks weekly. 

You also need to be aware of your tyre’s condition. It needs to be perfect because this makes sure that the weight is distributed equally for smooth rolling of the wheel.


The engine oil needs to be changed weekly. A good quality engine oil is closer to translucent in nature and has a smooth texture. If you find the engine oil to be cloudy and darker in colour then you need to change the oil immediately.

If you are doing it for the first time then we suggest to opt for a professional doorstep car service option as putting oil incorrectly can make a huge hole in the pocket.


A car contains many fluids such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Coolant particularly is designed to keep the engine cool since a lot of friction takes place and it heats up the engine.

When you book your semi-annual periodic car service all the fluids are checked thoroughly because leaking of such fluid can lead to major damage in the car. Look for any leaking or missing of the fluid from time to time to enjoy smooth driving experience.


Wipers may be one of the most underrated part of the car but it literally saves life during the rain. It improves visibility allowing you to drive safely. Smooth working of wiper is highly necessary at all times. Regularly check the functioning of the wiper to make sure you don’t end up in a situation where the wipers are not functioning.


Car is equipped with many lights like headlight, tail lights, brake lights, signal lights, hazard lights, instrument panel lights and interior lights. Each of these lights has its own importance while driving so they need to be functioning at all times.

Check them regularly to know if any of the lights are flickering or have stopped working to avoid any dangerous situation while driving.

Washing the car

You will be shocked to know that not regularly washing your car can lead to major issues like paint deterioration. Things like tree branches, bird droppings, ice and rain can cause damage both internally and externally.

With daily washing, the paint of the car stays shiny and avoids collecting dirt and dust.  You should clean it every week thoroughly to maintain its look and functionality. It also keeps the mirrors and the windows clean for a clear vision while driving the car.

It is highly recommended to get your car serviced from time-to-time to avoid any major punch to your pocket later. By regularly checking the above components of your car before driving, you can keep you and your family safe.

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