How to maintain car in summer

How to Maintain a Car in Indian Summer

India is famous for many things, but its scorching hit summer is definitely not one of them. In many cities, temperatures even go as high as 38-40 degrees celsius. We quickly get our pets to a cooler place and water our potted plants more often, but do we think of our car? 

With increasing pollution, there is also an increase in the temperature during the summer. Did you know that summer also affects your car?

The interiors of your car could become an oven & exteriors can rust very fast. In high temperatures, the tyres can dry out, weakening them.

Here are a few tips & tricks you can try out this summer to keep your car in better condition.

Always park in the shade.

We cannot emphasise the importance of parking your car in the shade enough. It will help in keeping your interior a bit cooler. If you park in a private and secure place, you can even let your windows down slightly for cross-ventilation.

Get your tyres checked.

Before summer starts, we highly recommend checking your car’s tyre pressure. With scorching hot roads, your tyres are affected the most. Driving with less pressure in them can cause fast damage and more frequent replacement. Tyre care before summer should be your priority.

AC Servicing

During summers, there’s heat trapped in your car. And, if your car’s AC is not properly maintained or serviced, it might take longer to spread the cooling. 

Ensure all the fluids are topped up and the AC filter has been cleaned to enjoy faster cooling this summer.

Check Engine Fluids

Your engine also gets affected majorly with too much heat around. You must get the engine & Transmission fluids, and coolant topped up before the summer starts so that the engine is cooled down faster.

Taking Care of the Exterior

You might think that having a wax coat on your car will protect it from scratches and dents and helps protect your car in summer.

With excessive heating, your car’s paint heats up faster, heating the entire car. A wax coat before summer will help in keeping the car cooler.

Summer is approaching fast, and if you wish to keep your car in good condition for the long run, you can follow the above tips & tricks.

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