How to Book Service on DYD App

Doorstep car servicing is a reasonably new concept, and it can be a bit difficult to understand the process. We have been going to a service center for many years to get our car serviced. But with the latest technology shift, we are getting everything to our doorstep.
Clothes, groceries, makeup, house furniture, you name it. Everything is available online.

If you are thinking of upgrading in life and, like other aspects of your life, you want to order a car servicing online, go through this blog.

We have written this article to help you get a quick introduction to a car servicing app DYD.

The very first step would be that you download the DYD App either on your android or IOS operating phone. Once it is installed, you simply follow the steps and register on the App.

Go through the services:
Once you are in the App, explore all the services offered. In DYD App, you can easily navigate through all the categories & the packages offered.
What is unique about DYD App is that the prices shown for each package are specific to each car model.

Booking a service:
Here comes the main part of booking a service. Once you decide which package to go for, you simply need to click the add to cart button.
You should now enter your cart and view if you have selected the right package.

You can now check out different promo offers and redemption points to avail of great discounts on your amount.

You now have to proceed and add your address to select a date and time slot at your convenience. You have booked a service with the final step of selecting a payment mode. Voila!

Hope this article helped you learn something new. It’s time for you to experience what door-step car servicing

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