Can I Save Fuel While Commuting Daily in My Car?

YES. With a few tips and trick you can save fuel and whole lot of money while commuting daily in your car. Petrol and diesel prices has touched the roof and seems like it will only go up. It’s only fair to be worried about the fuel prices if you are using your car on the daily bases.

 This blog provides a list of tips you can follow to ensure that you are using fuel effectively.

Check your tyres:

Are you regularly checking tyre pressure? Under-inflated tyre needs more energy to roll smoothly. This can cause the engine to use more fuel. Keep your tyre well inflated and maintain it.

Shut the car:

Maybe your college or office is at a location that has long traffic lines. When your car is turned on and is at one place it’s called idling. Idling causes the car to consume fuel and deliver no results.

In such situation instead of keeping your car on and stay in one place, switch off the car. Most of the new cars allow you to turn on and off the car hassle-free. Shut down your car if the idling exceed 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Save Money

Tip: Replace your car’s air filter more often. Old air filter that is dirty restricts air flow to the engine. This too can cause the engine to use more fuel.

Regular car service:

Not conducting regular car service can also lead to consumption of the fuel on a faster speed. In periodic car service engine oil and oil filter are checked and replaced. This helps the engine function smoothly and to the best of its ability.

Lose the weight:

If your car’s boot space is filled up with unwanted items it can lead to consumption of more fuel. Try to clean out the car, especially if you commuting daily in your car.

Even if car is loaded with too many passenger it can lead to over consumption of fuel. Avoid driving your car that is over-packed with luggage as well as passenger.

Use the AC effectively:

When you are driving on an open road, ditch the AC and enjoy the fresh air outside. While driving the car in cities keep the AC in recirculation mode. Using these tips can affect the car’s fuel consumption pattern.

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