5 Tips To Make Your Car Winter Ready

Winters can be tough for everyone weather its us, animals and even our car, especially if you live in a snowy region. Temperatures have dropped in most areas in our country and its time to keep your car winter ready.

Now winter car care may differ for a snowing region and for a humid region. If you stay in a super cold snowy region there are a few things you have to do to keep your car in top condition. This blog is your easy guide to making your car winter ready.

Remember how dry our skin and hair gets in winter, not a good feeling right? Same goes for our car. The dry climate on the outside can freeze up all the liquids inside the car, making it difficult to start the vehicle. The car needs constant lubrication during winter to operate smoothly.

Oiling the car


We highly emphasis on this factor because servicing your car before the winter start should be top on the list. When you get your car serviced, car parts like engine oil, coolant and all the fluids are checked and filled.

This will keep your car up and running for all of the winter season for a good experience.

Focus on Battery

You need to make sure that the battery is in its top condition before the temperature affect the battery. Check if all the battery connections are corrosion-free and working fine.  If you are using a battery that’s old, get it checked professionally to know its charge holding capacity.

Check belts

Always make sure to lube the windows, locks, latches, hinges and weather stripping. Doing this ensure smooth functioning and opening of the car during winter.

Examine wipers

Check if the wiper is functioning smoothly. Change to winter wipers if you experience snowfall in your area. Fill up the fluid in the windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Cover your car

When kept in parking, always make sure to cover your car so that snow does not touch any car part causing any issue. You can easily find suitable car covers for any model online. This makes it easy to remove and start driving the car, which otherwise would have been covered under heaps of snow waiting for you to clean it.

One of the most basic yet powerful tip would be to heat up the car more often. Even if you don’t drive make sure to just ignite the engine so that all the parts does not get jammed up due to cold temperature.

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