Tips to keep your car cool this summer

5 Fluids to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

That heavenly feeling when we gulp down a glass of cold juice during summer is unmatched. Similarly, your car needs fluids to stay cool during summer.

Does your car overheat quite often during summer? It might be because of less fluids in your vehicle. With less fluids, it can even lead to some dangerous situations that you would want to ignore in the long run.

In this blog, we are writing about what kind of fluids your car needs & can you refill it yourself.

Car Parts that need Fluids to Function

Air Conditioner




Windshield Washer

Air Conditioner 

For AC there’s no fluid but gas. Your air conditioner has the maximum usage and with less gas in, it can slow down the cooling process.

Before the heat gets to your car fill the AC gas to enjoy long drives even in summer.


The engine of any car is affected the most in summer. Because of the constant movement engine heats up really fast. Having adequate oil in the engine is highly necessary. 

If the oil is not enough it can lead to the engine ceasing in no time. It is advisable to always check the engine oil level in periodic servicing.


Your car’s braking system needs adequate fluid for smooth functioning. To know the level you need to find the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment.

Always remember that the fluid level should be at least two-thirds of the tank. If you are not sure how to check it, we highly recommend booking an appointment on the DYD app to get it checked at your doorstep.


The radiator keeps your engine cool and for that it requires coolant. Checking coolant level or refilling is quite easy and this one you can do yourself.

You will find the radiator cap in the center of the engine compartment. Once opening the cap look for fluid. If it’s till the brim you are good to go, otherwise, you need to refill it.

A safety note: Never check coolant when your car’s engine is running. It can lead to a safety hazard. 

Windshield washer

During summer it can get dusty real quick. To enjoy clear vision while driving make sure to keep the windshield washer full. You will find it close to the engine compartment. Do not get it mixed with the coolant tank. Get the windshield washer topped up before summer just to make sure you never face any visibility issues.

Taking care of the car can be a hassle in itself and summer can make it worse. Hope this article helps you in keeping your car cool this summer & in case you missed your regular maintenance we suggest getting your car serviced doorstep.

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