Whole Car
Denting & Painting

Been a few years since you got your car? It’s time to bring back the original shine with DYD full body car denting and painting.

What does it include ?

Nothing good comes easy, which is why DYD door/panel denting and painting might take hours and even sometimes days. But, be rest assured that your car is going to look brand new. Following is the process that go into making your car new.

Grade A primer

Primer is the base of every coat that goes on the car. For the car to look shiny for a long time primer preps your car. With a grade, A primer the car colour stays on for a long time as well.

3 Layers Of Painting

When choosing DYD car denting & painting service you can rest assured that only the best is used for your car. With 3 layers of the coating including primer, base colour coat, and clear coat, the paint stays on for a long period.

Panel Rubbing and Polishing

If your car has got mild abrasions then with panel rubbing and polishing it gets removed. The whole rubbing and polishing process gives a good finished look to your car that is free from scratches and dents.

Benefits of Whole Car Denting & Painting

Give your car a whole new look by revamping its colour or getting a custom paint job.


Brand New Shine

Give your car the shine it deserves with denting & painting service. Apply a fresh coat or get creative and choose a unique colour for your car.


Scratch-Free Car

Who wouldn’t want to drive a brand new car every day? With DYD car denting and painting you will lose all minor or major abrasions and make it look brand new.


Rust-Free Car

When you get painting and denting service done to your car, you are making sure that your car stays rust-free for a long time. This also aids in smooth driving experience.

Why & when is it needed ?

Work Mobile

Get Your Money’s Worth

You already have invested a lot in your car and to get the maximum value out of it you need to maintain it so that you can drive smoothly even after years you have bought the car.

Unwanted Odour

If not regularly cleaned, over time, your car will start emitting a bad odor. With car grooming, you are making sure that the car is hygienic to drive.

High Resale Value

With regular maintenance, your car is going to be in good condition for a long. If and when you choose to sell your vehicle, it will add to its benefit.

Rust Free

Compared to regular cleaning, a new paint job will give you better results and will keep your car rust free

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We have some FAQ
to inform you more

If your car has faint scratches on the surface, with DYD Clean and Shine they will be eliminated. The service will also add shine to the car making its paint look newly done. If faded, then the area needs to be assessed before carrying out the necessary treatment.
Top products like extra Armor, 3M, and Wurth are used while servicing your car to get the best shine.
When you choose DYD Complete detailing service you get car shampoo wash, car blow-dry, paint protection, car paint sealant, coating with liquid hard wax, interior steam, cleaning and vacuuming, dashboard polishing, leather restoration, tyre polishing, engine bay cleaning and polishing and last but not least plastic and glass protection.
Definitely. Once your car has been serviced via the DYD app you get a 3 month or 1000km guarantee on the car service provided.
It takes about 3-4 hours to complete the detailing service.
This depends on your need. Teflon coating is a chemical treatment that gives great shine to the car while enduring the daily wear and tear. Most of our veh icles underbody areas are not paint treated and Anti-rust coating is therefore applied to the underbody of the car to prevent rusting and paint chips. Since in our sub-continent, the quantum of moisture in the atmosphere being high, there is always a scope for rusting of body exposed areas. Besides this, our road conditions are such that the under body is often exposed to water / mud. That is the main reason why we recommend that an anti-rust treatment should be done on the underbody areas.