Author: DYD Team

31st March, 2023

Doorstep Car Servicing Vs. Workshop Servicing

Doorstep car servicing refers to new-age car services where regular periodic services are conducted at your preferred location by a team of mechanics. This service is convenient for you if you have a busy schedule and cannot drive your car to the workshop for servicing.  On the other hand, workshop...

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17th March, 2023

5 Fluids to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

That heavenly feeling when we gulp down a glass of cold juice during summer is unmatched. Similarly, your car needs fluids to stay cool during summer. Does your car overheat quite often during summer? It might be because of less fluids in your vehicle. With less fluids, it can even...

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11th March, 2023

How to Maintain a Car in Indian Summer

India is famous for many things, but its scorching hit summer is definitely not one of them. In many cities, temperatures even go as high as 38-40 degrees celsius. We quickly get our pets to a cooler place and water our potted plants more often, but do we think of...

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9th March, 2023

Can ChatGPT Help You Get Your Car Serviced?

We all know that ChatGPT is the next big thing. If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, it is an AI tool that lets you get information on anything quickly.  You can ask a question like, what are the different parts of a car? How can you...

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8th March, 2023

Importance of Brake Maintenance

Car servicing is a tricky concept in itself. What to do & what not to do, there are a million things to look for while servicing your car. With our blogs, we aim to make car servicing a little less complicated and a bit more engaging. In this specific blog,...

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4th March, 2023

How to Book Service on DYD App

Doorstep car servicing is a reasonably new concept, and it can be a bit difficult to understand the process. We have been going to a service center for many years to get our car serviced. But with the latest technology shift, we are getting everything to our doorstep.Clothes, groceries, makeup,...

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11th February, 2023

Top Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

If you own a car, you must have heard from ten people about how to maintain your car. Surely, the car needs regular maintenance and inspection for it to run smoothly, and with so many tips and tricks available online, it can be confusing. This article is about all things...

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11th February, 2023

Things to Consider While Buying a New Car

Are you confused by the tons of options available when selecting your car? We understand that, too, a lot of time goes into deciding which type of car, brand and model to go for. This article here is to give you some help with the selection process.  Before making the...

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7th February, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about NCAP Safety Rating

Our safety matters the most, especially when driving on the road towards a new adventure. Although car manufacturers are offering cars built with top-quality products, multiple airbags, seat belts and whatnot to ensure our safety, we still hear so many stories related to car accidents on the road. NCAP stands...

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